About Us

We are a company that aspires to be a community of people that want to be apart of something bigger than themselves. To show the world that limitations are a barrier of our minds, and that they are meant to be broken. Regardless of where you are in life...YOU have the ability to become successful and leave behind a legacy for others to be empowered and motivated! We are here to succeed TOGETHER! Welcome to the Without Limit Family!



Rob Berry

At the age of 11, Rob was diagnosed with a relatively rare bone cancer that caused him to lose his leg. Afterwards Rob didn't want his life to be any different than it was before, so he got into sports like track, becoming a 12x national champion. Getting involved in adaptive wheelchair basketball, going to state twice, and eventually transitioning to being a bodybuilder. Rob's all time goal is to become the first amputee in history to step on the Olympia stage, and inspire the world. Not only does he want to be a physical demonstration of what its like to overcome adversity, but his story to impact the world that no matter what you are going through, you have the ability to overcome your adversities and become great.